Garden Gourmet by Nestlé

Garden Gourmet is a brand that makes plant-based products.

Customized pencils and single cards.

Part of a thank you-gift to colleagues in Europe.


The story

The Sprout pencils have been sent to our colleagues all over Europe as part of a gift package in order to thank them for their sensational work.

Garden Gourmet’s purpose is to make people fall in love with all the goodness of plant-based food, because it’s good for them and also for the planet. In that sense we try as much as we can to work with sustainable partners in order to reflect this message internally as well.

As the garden is our playground, our starting point of sourcing the ingredients for our products, we also love that our colleagues will have the possibility to create their own vegetable garden with the pencils – that’s why we picked seeds such as cherry tomatoes, basil and thyme.

Hopefully our colleagues will be aware that we do all the best we can to truly live our purpose and think sustainable also when it comes to gifts.

We could definitely imagine using Sprout pencils for other projects. The more plants we can grow, the happier we are!

Violaine Marty,
Digital Brand Manager, Garden Gourmet, Nestlé, Holland

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