Sprout’s story

Back in 2013, a group of robotics students at MIT were given the task of designing the office of the future. They chose to focus on pencils, and developed the very first pencil with a seed capsule that could be planted when it became too small to write with. They presented the project on Kickstarter, where Michael Stausholm discovered it.

Instantly impressed with it and the potential the project offered, he bought the rights to sell the pencil in Europe and founded Sprout World to do so. In the first year, it sold 70,000 pencils in Denmark alone. This was proof of concept enough for Michael to buy the patent and rights outright.

As time has gone by, Sprout has focused on developing different editions of the product, introducing a range of seed types from Daisy to Cherry Tomato and even Spruce trees, and has worked hard to ensure that operations at Sprout World are as sustainable as possible. Among the many developments connected to the original Sprout pencil, the company launched makeup pencils in 2021 with a browliner and eyeliner option, in collaboration with a leading European beauty firm.

Sprout continues to encourage sustainability in small daily actions, and to encourage everyone to #letsmaketheworldSprout.

To date, the company has sold more than 40 mil. Sprout pencils.

“We want to make sustainable actions manageable and tangible for everyone”

Michael Stausholm, Sprout CEO

Our beliefs

We believe that sustainable change is possible through small innovations. Sprout is motivated to make a difference by making sustainable actions manageable and tangible for everyone. We do this by rethinking everyday products and making them sustainable by using simple, innovative solutions.

Consumers want to know that the brands they buy from are doing their part to care for the planet. We believe there’s no better way to communicate your support for sustainability than through using simple products that inspire green change.

We’re proud to work with world-leading brands, like IKEA, Porsche, and Coca-Cola, along with brands whose sole purpose is to conserve the planet’s ecosystem and the animals and marine life that inhabit it.




Growth Marketing

Make sustainability a natural part of your business promotion by engraving or printing your company logo and message onto plantable Sprout pencils.

Hand out your customized pencils in the office, at meetings, trade shows, events or conferences and help plant the seed for green change every time you spread the word about your business. Inspired to spread a green message with your promotional items?




Gifts That Give Back

By giving Sprout products to celebrate a special occasion, as a wedding favor or baby shower gift, or as a prompt for your less sustainable friends, you’re doing more than giving a present.

Our products inspire people to think of other ways items can be used instead of being thrown out once they’ve served their purpose. Who would think that a pencil can grow into herbs, flowers, vegetables and even trees? Or that an eyeliner or browliner can be planted to grow a habitat of bee-friendly wildflowers? Or that a gift could make you think differently?

What else will your gifts be used for?

Send a sustainable message

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