We're B Corp!

We have asked SproutWorld’s Sustainability Director Sidsel Lundtang Rasmussen about how she has worked towards achieving a B Corp certification for SproutWorld and the obstacles and advantages she experienced on the way.


What does B Corp mean?

B Corp means Benefit Corporations. It’s a community for companies that make a profit (versus non-profit organizations) but at the same time have a higher purpose by leaving a positive impact on our world.

What makes B Corp so special?

It’s a third-party certification which means that it is not enough to make your own labelling claims. You need a neutral partner to validate how you work with sustainability in all aspects. It’s a proof that the company’s actions don’t cause harm to the planet.

It’s an outstanding tool to describe, measure, and set new goals for the future strategy on sustainability because these standards apply to everyone that applies to become a B Corp Certified company.

It’s a way of future-proofing your business to make sure you meet the increasing demands from your customers on how you work with sustainability.

It’s an investment in getting into a community of the most sustainable companies in the world. A B Corp certification is a door opener to doing business with other B Corps and with companies that only collaborate with those who meet the highest standards.

It’s a tool to fight greenwashing. Being a B Corp member simply increases your credibility when it comes to sustainability.

Was it a walk in the park?

No, not at all!

It’s a long, costly, and very time consuming process. I worked with the application for months and applied in January 2021. Since then we’ve been in a “soon to be B Corp” phase sending further documentation back and forth. You need a lot of patience because the number of companies that apply has increased considerably in the past few years, so there’s a bottleneck in getting through.

It's been a good way to evaluate all aspects of the company and to make sure we haven’t overlooked something important. It shows where we are doing well and where we need to improve.

What advantages does B Corp have?

B Corp is a very well-known and recognized certification among consumers, especially in the US and the UK. Many customers prefer to buy from B Corps. In the past few years we have experienced an increasing number of business clients asking for more documentation when it comes to sustainability.

Also, it’s a way to attract new employees, especially younger people, because a B Corp Certification earns credibility to the brand and workplace.

Are you thinking about becoming B Corp certified too?