Like a flower, growth comes in stages

Change is happening and it’s gradual – so it’s important to acknowledge the progress we’re making. Let’s recognize each step, each accomplishment, and mark the milestones on our collective journey to drive positive climate action and move towards a net-zero future.


Our customers use our plantable products in many different and creative ways. That might be sharing a recipe made with herbs grown from a pencil or using our pencils as business cards. We want to shine a light on your successes and the great things that you’re doing to inspire others to take positive climate action.


From sharing everyday green tips to how to make your supply chain more responsible, we can learn a lot from each other. On our blog, we chart our progress, talk to experts and share best practice. By exchanging ideas within our communities, we can overcome challenges, innovate, collaborate, and together make a greater impact.


We always strive to do the best we can. So, when we receive recognition and awards from our customers, suppliers and industry peers, we value this deeply. It’s another way of measuring our impact and growth as a business. And it motivates us and makes us more determined to keep pushing forward with our goals.