Custom printed pencils – unique and exceptional gifts to customers and employees

Numerous companies use custom printed pencils to boost their recognition value and sale. A pencil is hardly a creative and unique business gift, and although its intentions are good, there is a risk that the recipients forget all about your company shortly after they have received the pencil.

But not necessarily. We at Sprout have created a collection of promotional pencils with a fun, secondary purpose. They turn into new life if you plant them in a flowerpot when they are too short to draw or write with.

Custom printed pencils which the receiver keeps

If your promotional gifts are to be measurable, it is vital that they will not be forgotten, and that the recipient benefits from them. The same goes for custom printed pencils.

Sprout’s custom printed pencils will definitely inspire your recipients so they remember your company. And when the pencil has done its duty, they can plant it and it turns into herbs, vegetables or flowers. All Sprout pencils contain a non-GMO plant seed that is embedded in a biodegradable seed capsule at the top of the pencil.

Put the pencil in a 30-degree angle in a flowerpot with good compost, water it frequently and make sure it gets plenty of natural light. After a few weeks, new life will sprout from the pencil. The recipients of the pencil will keep it – especially a gift that gives back to nature.

Spread your sustainable message with our custom printed pencils

With Sprout custom printed pencils you can give your customers or employees a unique and exceptional gift – and at the same time spread your company’s sustainable message.

Customize your unique collection of Sprout pencils with plant seeds of your choice – from juicy tomatoes and aromatic basil to colorful forget-me-nots and a wide palette of other vigorous plants. Or contact us if you want to learn more about our plantable custom printed pencils.

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