FAQ about what Sprout Pencils are made of?

Is the Sprout pencil a natural product?

The Sprout pencil is a natural product made of sustainable certified wood, graphite, clay and a cellulose capsule with seeds.

What is the capsule made of?

Tree bark Cellulose (HPMC)

What is inside the capsule?

Seeds and wood flour

What kind of glue is used to attach the capsule?

Gelatine. Sprout is working on a vegan alternative

Does the Sprout pencil contain lead?

No. In fact, it’s a myth that pencils contain lead. Lead has not been used in pencils since the Roman times!

What kind of wood is used?

Sustainably certified wood, primarily Linden.
The type of wood used depends on the product and availability

Are the seeds organic?

No, but they’re sourced and produced in EU under strict rules. Therefore, always non-GMO.
Non-GMO means a product was produced without genetic engineering and its ingredients are not derived from GMOs

How many seeds are in each pencil?

3-10 seeds depending on seed size

Are Sprout pencils safe for children?

Sprout pencils are completely safe – even if you eat the seed capsule. The capsule contains a bit of wood flour and some seeds and is completely harmless if ingested – although it won’t taste great! Keep away from children 0-3 years old

Safety Certifications

All Sprout’s products are health – and environment safe. The wood is sustainable, and EN71 approved. No risk in any way when either handling, storing or using Sprout products.