FAQ about Wood, capsule, colors etc. on Pencils

Is it possible to request a certain wood type?

No. Please note we primarily use Linden when available. In some cases, we use other wood types such as Pulei or white fir depending on the availability.

Is the seed capsule available in other colors?

No, only green due to our patent.

Are Sprout pencils available in different colors?

Yes, they come in 6 colors (green, red, purple, yellow, blue, orange), rainbow and classic graphite (HB)

Which seeds belong to which color pencil?

Green – basil, red – carnation, purple – chia, yellow – daisy, blue – forget me not, orange – sage

Is it possible to choose your own seed?

Yes, for orders above 25,000 pcs and only for business orders.

Can all seeds be used for Sprout pencils?

No, among other things it depends on seed size and germination

Which colors are in the rainbow pencil?

Yellow, red, blue

Which seeds are available for the rainbow pencil?

All seeds in assortment

Are Sprout pencils (graphite and color) sharpened by default

Graphite is sharpened with an upcharge. Color pencils and rainbow pencils are always sharpened.

What is the size of the pencil

Approx. 18.5 cm long & 7 mm in diameter

What is the weight of 1 pencil?

4-5 g.

How are the pencils packed?

Bulk 100 pcs.
In inner cartons of 19.7 x 12.5 x 4.7cm – 480 gram Bulk 500 pcs.
In outer cartons of 25 x 20 x 13.5cm - 2580 gram

Tariff code for international shipments

Pencil: 9609100000

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