Natural corporate gift: a giveaway with added meaning

Making your mark in a crowded industry is tough, but it’s been shown that corporate gift items help to build brand visibility and trust. Be unique and step away from plastic and embrace the natural corporate gift. As well as brandishing your brand name, a natural corporate

Why you should be using corporate gift items

The number one benefit of corporate gift items is that they get your organization’s name seen. While you can also do this by building an online presence, not everyone is online. Plus, corporate gift items tend to be around until they’re no longer usable, whereas a social media post disappears within seconds.

Corporate gift items are also incredibly versatile. They can be used at internal company events, at trade fairs, conferences, seminars or given away as part of a competition prize. So, on a cost per usage corporate gift items offer great value for money.

A natural corporate gift is a must

It’s clear the benefits of using away corporate gift items can give. If you’re concerned that handing out gifts that are made from plastic or that giving away gifts that have dubious production methods doesn’t sit well with your CSR, making the switch to a natural corporate gift item makes sense.

When choosing a natural corporate gift that fits with your brand, look at the materials it’s made from – are they recyclable or eco-friendly? Also, consider the methods that are used to produce the item – are they sustainable?

We’re proud to say that we make sure our production methods are as sustainable as possible. We use production partners in Poland to serve our European market and a partner in America to supply our US market.

Give away special corporate gift items with Sprout World

We’re incredibly proud to say that we hold the rights to the original plantable pencil. Others try to offer a similar product, but our patent is a sign that when you purchase plantable Sprout pencils, you’re getting the best quality.

All our plantable Sprout pencils, graphite, color and Rainbow pencil, are made using sustainably harvested wood. What does this mean? Well, it means that the wood used to make our pencils comes from forests that are sustainably managed so that the biodiversity of the forest is protected. In practical terms, this means when a tree is felled to make our pencils, another tree is planted to replace it.

The writing material used in our pencils is a mix of non-toxic graphite and clay. This means it’s safe for everyone to use – from the very young to the more mature!

But the true magic of the plantable Sprout pencil happens at the end of the pencil’s life. When the pencil is too short to use, instead of throwing it away, as you would with other ordinary corporate gift items, you plant it. Yes, you read that correctly!

At the end of the plantable Sprout pencil, there’s a green seed capsule containing GMO-free seeds. The seed capsule is made from plant-based material that degrades in soil and allows the seeds inside to germinate. In a few weeks, the worn-out pencil will grow into luscious flowers, tasty herbs, fresh vegetables or magnificent spruce trees. With our new Plant A Tree pencil, we can now grow a tree from a pencil. As we like to say, “From a tree to a pencil and back to a tree, the circle of life is complete.”

Like any corporate gift item, you’ll want it to be endorsed with your brand. That’s not a problem. You can customize the plantable Sprout pencil with your logo and message. These can be expertly engraved onto the pencil or for organizations in Europe, we also offer a color print option.

If you want to make your natural corporate gift even extra special, consider placing the pencils on single cards or presenting your guests or visitors with three or five pencils displayed in boxes.

As corporate gift items represent your organization and brand, you want them to be perfect. We’ve put together a checklist on our website on how to customize the plantable Sprout pencil and display options.

Make the switch to a natural corporate gift

We’re proud to supply our products to innovative organizations. This is what Healthware (a consulting group that supports sales and marketing in the healthcare sector) has to say about the plantable Sprout pencil, “The Sprout pencil is good at communicating sustainability and it has a strong recycling message.” – Sara Scarpinati, Healthware.

If our Sprout products have struck a chord with you or if you’ve got a question about the plantable Sprout pencil or how to place an order, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.