Never miss an opportunity with promotional merchandise

Promotional merchandise with a purpose is incredibly popular. People will always need something to write with. So, use this opportunity to advertise your business with customizable promotional merchandise that features your company logo or a special message.

For a long time, the go-to material for promotional merchandise has been plastic. We think it’s time to swap plastic for materials that are more sustainable and kinder to the environment.

Does it make sense to use promotional merchandise?

The short answer is ‘Yes’, your business should be using promotional merchandise to advertise itself.

Firstly, not all your customers or partners are online, so if you only focus on building a digital presence, you’re missing out. Secondly, people love a ‘freebie’, particularly something that has value to it. So, by giving away a promotional pencil, for instance, you’ll know it’ll be used frequently and that every time it is used, your brand name will be seen.

Finally, promotional merchandise is versatile and can be left in the reception area as a welcome gift for visitors. Or it can also be used as giveaways at conferences and tradeshows or included in press kits that are handed to PRs and journalists at product launches. We can’t think of anything else that can be used in so many different ways!

Promotional merchandise that grows a green mindset

Sustainability is at our heart and so is innovation. That’s why our products are designed to be functional as well as sustainable.

Write, doodle or draw and plant…

The plantable Sprout pencil is massively popular and businesses and organizations frequently choose it to be part of their promotional merchandise.

All the plantable Sprout pencils are made from sustainably harvested wood. That means that every time a tree is cut down, another is planted to replace it. And, you may not know this but by the end of 2020, we’re hoping to make 7,500, 000 pencils from just 30 trees!

Our innovation doesn’t stop with using sustainably harvested wood. The writing material used in the plantable Sprout pencil is a mixture of non-toxic graphite and clay, meaning our pencils are safe to be used by all ages. At the end of the pencil is a green seed capsule that is made from a plant-based material that degrades when placed in soil. The GMO-free seeds used in the capsule take around three to four weeks to sprout.

When planted after use, plantable Sprout pencils can flourish into luscious flowers, fresh herbs, tasty vegetables and even spruce trees. Our innovative Plant A Tree pencil that contains spruce seeds is a special conversation starter. People will be amazed that a tree that can live up to 100 years can be grown from a pencil. We’re amazed ourselves! Gifting our Plant A Tree pencils to your employees is also a fantastic way to launch a company-wide sustainable initiative, such as a Plant A Tree campaign.

We’re thrilled to say that you can customize our plantable Sprout pencils with your company logo or with a special message. We offer this service either as an engraving or for business in Europe you can choose to have your logo printed in color. Using UV printing and safety ink, your logo or company message can be printed in just about any color.

Additionally, you can decide to feature your pencils on single cards that can also be customized or in display boxes of three or five pencils.

Join the special class of companies using Sprout products

Since we launched in 2013, Sprout products have captivated businesses. And we don’t blame them! Who would have thought that an everyday item like a pencil could grow into a plant?

Well, it is possible, and businesses soon saw that these products can be used as promotional merchandise to improve their brand visibility and to also increase awareness of the importance of sustainability.

We’d love you to join the special class of companies who use Sprout products. See who you’ll be joining:


The fashion-brand Guess chose to give away plantable Sprout pencils on single cards in display boxes as a thank you gift for people who made a purchase from their ECO Denim range.


Toyota is passionate about reducing the impact it’s manufacturing processes and vehicles have on the planet. They love the idea of a pencil that grows into a plant, so they chose to hand out plantable Sprout pencils on single cards to employees and participants to a sustainability conference.

Liberty Produce

Our popular plantable Sprout Rainbow pencils on single cards were made available to attendees of a Liberty Produce launch event that took place in Scotland.

Zeina Chapman, co-founder of Liberty Produce commented “The pencils became a talking point amongst the delegates.”

Be prepared for when opportunities come along with bulk order promotional merchandise

We understand that there are always a million and one things to do with running a business and it’s easy to forget to order your promotional merchandise. But you don’t want to be the only business that hasn’t got anything to hand out to visitors to your stand or to use as a giveaway to visitors to your business, do you?

By ordering the plantable Sprout pencil in bulk, you know you have a plentiful supply of promotional merchandise to cover all your event needs.

People will be thrilled you’re putting the planet first

Plastic is widely used in promotional merchandise as it’s versatile and durable. But people are sickened by seeing plastic rot in landfills. By swapping plastic promotional pens for plantable Sprout pencils, your business partners, stakeholders and customers can visibly see that sustainability is just as important to you as promoting your business is.

Speak to us to find out about how to order Sprout products and how to customize them with your logo or message.