Pens for business or pencils? We simplify your decision

There’s a new favorite on the market that’s taking over from promotional pens for business and that’s customizable pencils. Pencils that are made from sustainably harvested wood using eco-friendly friendly production methods, like the plantable Sprout pencil, are perfect for promoting your values while increasing the reach of your brand’s visibility.

History of promotional gifts

Promotional gifts can trace their origin back to 1789 when George Washington produced buttons as part of his presidential campaign. Following this, gifts of all types have been used by businesses for promotion. It wasn’t until the 1950’s / 60’s when the use of plastic became widespread that promotional pens for business really took off.

Plastic pens that aren’t designed to be refillable are low cost and can be produced quickly, meaning they’re a popular choice as a promotional gift for businesses. The downside is that this small item uses a lot of plastic and metal, making it difficult for it to be recycled.

Plastic isn’t fantastic, but wood is wonderful

With the health of the planet hitting a crisis point, people are more aware that short-use plastic items don’t make great gifts anymore. If you’re an organization that’s looking for an interesting alternative to plastic pens for companies the plantable Sprout pencil is a great choice.

Sustainability runs through our veins at Sprout World and it feeds into every decision we make. Our plantable Sprout pencils are made using sustainably harvested wood. This means that when a tree is cut down to make our pencils another one is planted to replace it. The core of the pencil contains a writing material made from a mix of non-toxic graphite and clay.

The most exciting part is found at the end of the pencil – the green seed capsule. Made from cellulose, a plant-based material, the seed capsule contains non-GMO seeds that flourish into life when the capsule is planted.

So, unlike ordinary pencils that have to be thrown out when they’re no longer usable, when only a stub of the plantable Sprout pencil is left it can be planted to grow into flowers, herbs or vegetables. And, as the name of the seed is engraved on the pencil, it acts as a label reminding the receiver of the pencil what type of plant it is.

Get known with customizable pencils

Pens for companies are a go-to promotional gift as they’re easy to customize. We’re pleased to tell you that plantable Sprout pencils can also be customized, and there’s plenty of options for you to choose from.

Our pencils come with ‘Sprout’ and the name of the seed already engraved on them. You have the choice of adding your logo, web address or a special message onto the pencil as well. This can be done as engraving, or for customers in Europe you can also choose our new color print option.

It’s been a long-time in the planning but it’s here and organizations love seeing their logo and message printed in color. We use UV printing to deliver a quality finish and EN71-3 approved ink that’s safe for the very young to the old to handle. And our color printing is waterproof and durable meaning it stays put even with long-term use.

We can also engrave or print your message in the language of your choice. This makes our pencils ideal promotional gifts for organizations that have an international presence.

When picking which plantable Sprout pencil you want to use as a gift, you can choose from 10 GMO-free seeds. This includes sunflower, basil, thyme, forget me not and the delicious cherry tomato. For large orders of over 25,000 pencils, you’re able to select a custom seed.

The customization doesn’t stop with the pencil. Choose to present your plantable Sprout pencils on single cards that are customized with your message. Or gift three or five pencils in display boxes.

What people say about the plantable Sprout pencil

Plantable Sprout pencils are a favorite with many businesses. Here is a small selection of comments we’ve received from organizations who use our pencils:

“The reactions were very positive. And we know that the pencils work, because we have planted some of them in our office.” – Ikea, Belgium

“When the pencils sprout it’s a symbol of a good start in life. This message fits well with our mission to give kids a good start.” – Arla Food Ingredients

“The reaction from our clientele has been overwhelmingly positive. Everyone loves it and most people buy multiples for themselves and as gifts.” – Friend of the High Line

Bring a smile with plantable Sprout pencils

Promotional pens for business are widely used because they’re low cost, but they’ve been proven to be damaging to the environment. By making the simple change to pencils, you’re giving your customers and partners a quality gift that spreads a sustainable message.

Find out more about the plantable Sprout pencil or to get a price list, use the link below to send us a message.