Personalized pencils are perfect for every occasion

Looking to refresh your company giveaways or promotional products? Or do you need a gift for a special occasion or for someone special? Then personalized pencils are a great option. Particularly a personalized pencil that grows into a plant. Yes, you read that correctly! Once the plantable Sprout pencil is too short to use, it can be planted to grow into colorful flowers, tasty herbs or fresh vegetables. Amazing, we know!

It’s time to ditch individual personalized pens

What do you use to make notes a work or write your grocery list? A plastic pen? While they’ve become a handy everyday writing object, plastic pens aren’t always recyclable. That means they get chucked in the trash and end up in landfills where they can take up to 1000 years to biodegrade. And, when you think billions of pens are binned each year, that’s a lot of plastic rotting in the earth!

Our founder Michael Stausholm couldn’t believe that a small piece of plastic could 1000 years to decompose. So, when he discovered a plantable pencil on Kickstarter he knew it had great potential to change people’s attitude towards everyday plastic objects.

The plantable Sprout pencil is enjoyed by organizations, individuals and kids worldwide, and it’s become known as the personalized pencil that keeps on giving.

Be different with personalized pencils

Plastic pens are a go-to promotional product, mainly because they’re economical. But, we think normal is boring and your organization isn’t going to be noticed if it’s doing the same as everyone else. Be different and get noticed with personalized pencils that can feature your company logo or message.

The plantable Sprout pencil also makes a unique gift for people of all ages. Made from sustainably harvested wood, with a mix of non-toxic graphite and clay writing material and a plant-based material seed capsule that contains non-GMO seeds, our pencils are safe for everyone to use, even small children. Each personalized name pencil has the name of the seed engraved onto it.

How to personalize pencils

We’re thrilled to offer various personalized pencils options. Our original, color and Rainbow plantable Sprout pencils are engraved with the Sprout logo and the name of the seed, like Thyme, Basil or Daisy.

We’ve also designed a range of special edition pencils. Like our Mindful Thoughts Edition that have mindful quotes like ‘Your heart is full of fertile seeds, waiting to sprout’ engraved on each of them. Or, the Spread The Love Edition pencils that feature heartwarming quotes like ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder’ engraved into them.

For organizations that wish to personalize pencils, we’re able to customize them with your logo or message. This can be added through engraving our with our new process of color print. Using the latest UV technology, waterproof and durable ink that’s also EN71-3, meaning it’s safe for kids to handle, you can now have your logo printed in your brand colors.

Ordering personalized pencils is really easy:

- Choose the type of pencil you want.
- Decide if you want to add your logo or message as an engraving or with color print.
- Next, decide if you want to display your personalized pencils with packaging like on a single card or in display boxes.
- When you’re ready, contact us for an order form.

Further information on how to order personalized pencils can be found on the Customize Pencils page.

Where to buy personalized pencils

If you’re an organization and you’ve decided that you want to switch to eco-friendly personalized pencils instead of using plastic pens, first make sure you’ve read over the instructions on how to customize the plantable Sprout pencil. Next, get in touch with our sales team for an order form. Once this is received we can give an exact delivery date.

For individuals who are interested in buying our original, color or Rainbow plantable Sprout pencils that are personalized with Sprout’s name and the name of the seed, you can purchase these through Amazon or our webshop. Don’t forget we also have special edition plantable Sprout pencils, such as our Mindful Thoughts Edition and the Spread The Love Edition that are engraved with personalized messages.

Never run short. Order personalized pencils in bulk

Once organizations see how popular our eco-friendly personalized pencils are, they realize that they need to order more of them. That’s why many of our customers choose to order personalized pencils in bulk. This way they know they have a large stock of pencils for whenever they need them, like exhibiting at trade fairs, attending conferences or seminars or to giveaway at team-building events or product launches.

And, if you place an order of 25,000 pencils you have the option of choosing your seed type – so you can surprise people even more with a plant that reflects your company’s green outlook.

If you’re interested in placing a bulk order of plantable Sprout pencils, speak to us about the benefits and the process of wholesale personalized pencils.

People love our personalized pencils

Organizations choose to personalize the plantable Sprout pencil and give them away to their colleagues and customers because it instills a green mindset in a fun way. Individuals buy our personalized pencils as gifts for themselves or someone special because they love the idea of a plantable pencil.

This is what some of our customers have to say:

“Love the product and I’ve started to use pencil only – lose the pens!”
– Amazon customer

“The Sprout pencil is an original, eco-friendly and very popular gift idea. The demand is high, we are impressed by the sales and are urged to reorder much faster than we expected.”
– Jesper Lawcock, Nature Planet

“I think these are absolutely fantastic and have recommended them to everyone.”
– Amazon review

Spread a positive message with eco-friendly personalized pencils

We hope you see that personalized pencils that also inspire a green mindset are a great alternative to individual personalized pens. Whether you’re looking to order bulk personalized pencils to use as a promotional product. Or, are interested in giving pencils personalized with mindful quotes as a present to someone special in your life, we’re here to answer any of your questions.