Personalized pens for sustainable businesses

Pencils with your company logo can be an effective way of catching the attention of potential customers. At Sprout we have created a palette of personalized pens for businesses, and not only can you use it as an element of your company’s marketing plan, you can also communicate your sustainable message to the world. We call it the Sprout pencil.

Watch your green message turn into green life

Needless to say, the Sprout pencil can be engraved with your company logo – but the pencils are more than personalized pens for businesses that want to catch the attention of their customers and other stakeholders.

The Sprout pencil is made of 100 percent natural clay and graphite and PEFC/FSC certified wood, and naturally it has been produced under sustainable conditions. However, not only the materials and the production make the pencil sustainable.

As opposed to regular personalized pens for business, the Sprout pencil is 100 percent reusable and biodegradable. At the end of the pencil is a non-GMO plant seed which is embedded in a biodegradable capsule. When the pencil is too short for its primary use, your customers can plant the pencil stub in a pot and see your company’s green message turn into green life – fragrant flowers, aromatic herbs or delicious and fresh vegetables.

Create your own sustainable personalized pens for business

If you use our design templates and guides, it could not be easier to design your very own personalized pens for businesses. Compose your own collection of pencils and spread your sustainable message to your customers – for instance by giving them the Sprout pencil as a promotional gift in connection with trade fairs, conferences, product launches and other events.

Sprouts’ personalized pens for businesses are excellent communicators, and corporations such as Coca-Cola, Toyota, VisitDenmark and Ikea have already used the pencils as an element of their green marketing strategy.

Contact us if your company want to learn more about how Sprout pencils can communicate your sustainable message.

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