Plant A Tree

We’re really proud of our plantable Sprout pencils and you are too; individuals, organizations and institutions regularly tell us how much they love writing with our pencils and planting them after use. So, we’re thrilled to be telling you we’ve got a new pencil to add to our plantable pencil family; a pencil that can grow into a tree. Yes, really!

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes testing different tree types and seed sizes to find the one that fits our seed capsule. After lots of research, we decided on the Spruce tree.

Why we created a pencil that can grow into a tree

Making items that give back to nature is central to our mission of getting more people to care about the planet. And creating a pencil that can then grow into a tree is the ultimate gift for nature as trees sustain life.

As the biggest plants on the planet, trees soak up toxins and store carbon while releasing oxygen. Trees also stabilize the soil and provide food and shelter for insects, birds and animals.

As you can see, trees are terrific and the more that are on the planet, the better life is for everyone.

Let’s talk about Spruce

There are thousands of different varieties of trees so you’d think finding the right one for our Plant A Tree pencil would be easy. Not exactly! We wanted a tree that can grow and survive in different climates and it had to have a seed that would fit inside our seed capsule. We finally decided on the Spruce and what a special tree it is.

The Spruce is part of the pine family and its native to the northern hemisphere. They are incredibly fast growers and Spruce trees can reach head-spinning heights – the tallest Spruce was recorded over 300 feet! Who knows how tall our Spruce seeds will grow?

The wood from a Spruce tree is incredibly strong, and it’s often chosen as the wood of choice for making musical instruments. Spruce trees, though, are mostly recognized as being used as Christmas trees. So, with our Plant A Tree pencil, you now have the chance to grow your own Christmas tree that can be enjoyed for years to come. How great is that?

Pencils for people who are nutty about trees

Our Plant A Tree Edition contains 5 graphite pencils that have special tree quotes like ‘He who plants a tree, plants hope’ and ‘Plant a memory, plant a tree, do it today for tomorrow’ color printed on each pencil. At the end of each pencil is a plant-based material seed capsule housing the Spruce seeds that germinate within 2-3 weeks once planted.

The 5 pencils are packaged in a decorative box and they make a great gift for yourself, friends or loved ones.

Use Plant A Tree pencils as corporate gifts

For organizations or institutions that want to send a visible message of sustainability, our Plant A Tree pencils are a perfect choice. Our Plant A Tree pencils:

- Are made from sustainably harvested wood. This means that for every tree that is cut down another one is planted to replace it
- Contain a writing material that is made from non-toxic graphite
- Come with a seed capsule that is created using plant-based materials

Strengthen your support for sustainability by customizing Plant A Tree pencils with your company logo and message. You can choose to add these details through engraving or for organizations in the EU/UK you also have the option of color printing.

Using UV printing and non-toxic ink we can add intricate details in near enough any color to our Plant A Tree pencils. And, as the ink is durable and water-resistant you don’t have to worry about the design smudging.

Customized Plant A Tree pencils have many usages. They can be:

- Given away at internal events like the release of your annual CSR report
- Used to attract people to your stand at conferences, exhibitions or trade shows
- Used as innovative business cards instead of traditional paper/card cards
- Gifted in goodie-bags at hotels and restaurants
- Used as part of a company ‘Plant A Tree campaign’

Plant a green mindset with your guests, customers and partners with our Plant A Tree pencils.

Sprouting a Spruce is easy

With our Plant A Tree pencil, you don’t have to be ‘green-fingered’ to grow a Spruce tree from a seed. Firstly, enjoy writing, doodling or drawing with your pencil and then when it’s too short to use, place the plant-based material seed capsule in a pot (or whatever you can find that works as a plant container), place in a sunny spot and water it. In as little as 2 / 3 weeks you’ll start to see shots of a Spruce tree growing!

That’s not all! We’re thrilled to tell you that when you buy Sprout pencils from our EU webshop, you also have the option of personalizing your pencils with your own message. The possibilities are endless for personalized Sprout pencils; you could personalize them with the details of your wedding and send them out to friends and family as ‘Save the Date’ invites. Or, you could personalize pencils with an inspiring message and gift to new connections at small business meetings or networking events.

Personalizing Sprout pencils is currently available for orders of 25 to 400 pencils.

Plant A Tree and leave a lasting legacy

Trees are the earth’s lungs, and there’s no better way to grow a tree than from a pencil that has come to the end of its life. A pencil can create drawings or doodles or it can be used to make important business notes. And, as a Spruce tree, it provides a home for nature as well as supplying oxygen to sustain life.

Leave a lasting legacy by gifting a Plant A Tree Edition to your family and friends or buy a pack for yourself to enjoy at home! As an organization consider customizing the Plant A Tree pencil with your logo and message and using them as giveaways or gifts at exhibitions, conferences or internal events.