The World’s Only Plantable Makeup Liners

We’re proud to be the inventors of the first and only plantable eyeliner and browliner in the world. Instead of throwing your liners in the trash after use, Sprout liners can be planted to grow into beautiful bee-friendly wildflowers.

We made the liners because we want to prove that a sustainable liner can be effective, easy to use and be good for both nature and the us as humans.

Sprout liners are made in collaboration with a leading European vendor within the beauty industry. They took up our challenge to make a liner made with a vegan formula, which is allergy free but doesn’t compromise on quality. They achieved everything we asked for and more. The formula in our liners is color intense, rich, and easy to apply.

Using a Sprout eyeliner or browliner, you’ll look good and feel great because our liners are made from certified wood, they contain a vegan formula that’s made using natural ingredients, and most importantly, you know the liner you’re using gives back to nature.


Our first messenger for green change was plantable pencils

Sprout pencils are the original and patended plantable pencils. Our patent is a guarantee that all our pencils are of the highest quality. More than 35 million pencils have been sold in 60 countries.

How to turn your makeup liner into bee-friendly wildflowers